How can we expect our bodies to completely forget about the stressful day we had just by closing the laptop.

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I work from my kitchen table and the distance between my “office”, where I have my long day of creative work and video calls, to where I prepare and have dinner is only two steps. The distance to my living room where I rewind with a good book or Netflix is a few meters, and just a bit more to get to my bedroom. I’m going to assume for the majority of you reading this, you are living in a…

Entering the world as a city pigeon is not easy, and not like how the world welcomes any other bird. I was born under a bridge with my brother. He came first, only by a few minutes, and he never let me forget it. We’re born into cities where most other creatures hate us.

“The rats of the sky.”

“The bearers of disease.”

“The evil-eyed birds.”

These were the names humans used to describe my friends and me during our first years of learning to find our way through the city. But you learn your way as you grow older…

Photo by Mike from Pexels

“Thirty-four, thirty-five, thirty-six.” He said out loud to no one as he turned around to look out the window. “I had a feeling it was thirty-six and not thirty-five.”

It was a sunny day and every few minutes someone came running on the sidewalk beneath his window. He picked up his phone to see who’s free to go out for a coffee.
“Morning, hey!” He said as he began walking to the kitchen to make a coffee, in case the coffee at the coffee shop was not to his liking. “Wanna go grab breakfast?”
“What time is it?”
Looking at his phone…

It was the third morning that she woke up on this bench. It was the nicest bench she’d slept on. She woke up by the water as the sun warmed her face and the breeze gently kissed her skin. For a few moments, right after she opened her eyes, where the world, her world, was beautiful and calm. She wished she could hold on to those moments in the morning forever.

Holding hands, a couple walked by. Smiling and talking over each other they didn’t even notice the girl sleeping on the bench. It had been two months since they…

Walking through the path he’d travelled too many times to recount, he looked up at the clouds.

“Look, we got some new ones coming in, some of them look like your cousins!” He said as he smiled and continued walking, carrying his crook on his shoulder with one hand. “I promise I won’t play a sad song for you today. I feel cheerful .” It had been a long while since he last played his flute for another fellow, his sheep were his loyal audience.

Walking through the path he’d travelled too many times to recount, he remembered his mother’s…

She didn’t know his name or had ever heard his voice. The first time they met, she had come to the window to see the train passing by, convinced “these trains will shake the foundation of these flimsy buildings to the ground.” She ran to get a glimpse of the empty train passing by.

Her parents had recently moved to this two-bedroom apartment. Located at the edge of the city where the railroads spiralled into the air, passing through and in-between the buildings. The color of the wall around his window was red.

Since that first encounter, when their eyes…

The advice that I’ve often given anyone who’s asked me about “finding themselves” or “being frustrated at life” has been to stay still for the muddy waters to settle. I’m a visual person and to me, the best way to see the path ahead is to wait for the mud to settle so that through the clear water our path becomes more apparent.

Today, I feel differently about my advice. Deep down, I think the reason I’ve used this analogy to help myself as well as others had nothing to do with seeing the path but rather with staying still

This month, the BAFTAs dress code called for sustainable fashion and that triggered this article.

During a recent visit to an art collection here in Berlin, I saw a work by Yngve Holen which was the headlight and rear lights of a Mercedes Benz installed on a blank wall. The curator explained that the artist was highlighting our segregation of a society based on the car we drive. Take a second to think about that, how would you feel about the driver of a car based on the choice they made when buying their vehicle; hybrid, electric, or gas. …

What we can learn from Justin Trudeau’s use of empathy during Canada’s mourning of the crash of UIA Flight 752

© Dave Chan/Getty

What can be more complex than death, death of people who have voted for you, death of numerous fellow countrymen by the hands of another country.

Justin Trudeau was confronted with this complexity last week. Having a country tune in to hear your reaction to the consequence of two other nation’s feud is no easy job. Choosing the right words, using the right body language, and making sure to not fuel the fire that had just been quieted a day…


I write to make sense of it all . Never stop dreaming!

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